About Context Clay

Context Clay is a women run small business that creates and sells artisanal one of a kind, functional pottery. Products include mugs, vases, planters, luminaries, pipes, ashtrays, jewelry trays, and merchandise. Inspired by nature, feelings, and surreal dreams, the intention behind each unique piece is to combine skilled craftsmanship with impeccable design, providing joy, healing, and growth for those who add a Context Clay piece to their home collection. 

Context Clay LLC was founded in April 2021.

About the Creator

I have a rich and entwined background that led me here today. I received my BFA in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History from Pace University ('15) in downtown New York City. While that education was valuable, I found my most impactful education was living in NYC and working in the arts for nearly a decade. I've worked all different positions in the arts, from studio assistant, to curator, to art dealer in a gallery, to managing a commercial studio. Each experience has been a building block to my own voice and expression as an artist and a creative business owner.

Originally a painter and mixed media artist, my artwork has often explored the content of work versus the context in which one consumes work. Throughout my tenure as an artist, I have pulled and sourced from historical archives, incorporating and reimagining them into culturally relevant expressions and stories.

When Covid hit, I re-evaluated what I wanted to do with this life and shifted into a new medium of ceramics. There's something very holistic about working with my hands and utilizing all of the natural elements to create. I've learned and discovered my own sacred rituals inside of creating my work and pursuing a lifelong journey of healing myself and others.

The vision for Context Clay is more than me making pottery on a wheel day in and day out; I envision a large studio providing equitable jobs for women in the arts that is heavily community involved, collaborative, and ever-evolving. Thank you for joining me on this journey of a lifetime.

xx Mariah